Care & Share Committee

 About the Care and Share Committee:

         Each month the Care & Share Committee meets at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bendersville.  Members and friends from all three churches of our Parish are there to donate their time to assemble the 90-120 cards that we send to people on our prayer lists, shut-ins, college students, and friends.  We make Thinking of You, Birthday, Anniversary and Sympathy cards.

           Jayne Weaver designs the cards and prepares everything necessary to assemble them.  There are a lot of hours that go into our cards, but we believe that this service is a most important one. We reach out to our members and friends to let them know that we, the Bendersville Lutheran Parish, care for them and are praying for their needs.

          This outreach began when Beulah Smith of the St. James congregation, on her own, sent cards to the members of St. James, especially to our youth in the service and college.  When she was no longer able to continue that ministry, St. James Council felt that because this was an important connection with our members that we should continue in her stead.  By chance Dale Weaver was a council member at that time and said he thought that Jayne (his wife) should be the one to do this.  There were other members of the Parish that expressed a desire to do something similar.  Hence the Care & Share Committee was born.  The postage and supplies for these cards have been provided by Barb and Jayne.  This year, for the first time, the Parish Council included our Committee in the Parish Budget and have designated funds for this joint ministry. 


How can you become involved?

          Any donations for supplies or postage you would care to give would be gratefully appreciated.  If you write check please make it out to Bendersville Lutheran Parish with Care & Share on the memo line.

          Please come join us.  You are always welcome, and remember No Talent Necessary. If you can put a sticker on a piece of paper, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Monthly Care & Share meeting:

Bethlehem Lutheran:

Stay Tuned for Updates! 

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