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Church Life

Parish Announcements

Parish Worship Services

January 29th - Regular Worship Schedule (all 3 churches)

February 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th - Regular Worship Schedule (all 3 churches)

* February 22nd - Ash Wednesday Service *

Bethlehem:  7pm / Supper:  6pm

Upcoming Meetings

January 30th - 7pm @ Bethlehem:  Parish Joint Council Meeting

                                                                    (Snow Date:  February 6, 2023)

February 7th - 7pm @ Christ:  Council Meeting 

February 13th - 7pm @ Bethlehem:  Council Meeting

February 19th - 9:25am @ St. James:  Congregational Meeting

February 20th - 7 pm @ St. James:  WELCA

Parish Bible Study

February 1st - 7pm @ Bethlehem:  Book Study (Chapter 8:  Discernment)

Practicing Our Faith:  A Way of Life for a Searching People by Dorothy C. Bass

February 8th - 7pm @ Bethlehem:  Book Study (Chapter 12:  Dying Well)

February 15th - 7pm @ Bethlehem:  Book Study (Chapter 7:  Testimony)

Window Light in Church

Listen, God is Calling!

Share Stories About Farming

LAMPA is working on a resource to connect Lutherans around the state in prayer and story-telling for the specific joys and concerns of the farmers and other agricultural workers whose gifts and skills serve to feed God's people around the country and care for creation all around us. If you have personal stories, joys, concerns, or even pictures to share, contact the office for more information.

Act of Random (Christian) Kindness

Someone has reached out to our church asking for encouragement during a trying season of her life. If you can offer letter-writing, gift-giving, or prayer time, please contact the church office for more details about her story.

In Honor or In Memory of...
If you would like to memorialize or honor a loved one on a special birthday or anniversary, enter information here. They will be included by name in the Prayers of Intercession for that Sunday. 


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