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In Honor or In Memory of...
If you would like to memorialize or honor a loved one on a special birthday or anniversary, enter information here. They will be included by name in the Prayers of Intercession for that Sunday. 

Upcoming Meetings

See Calendar page for complete listing.

Internship Committee will meet via ZOOM on March 9th at 7pm.

Christ Council Meeting will meet via Zoom on March 16th at 7pm.



We’d like to expand our Blessing Box ministry to include books as well as food! We will be collecting books (new or lightly used) for all ages and reading levels in the Sunday School room at Christ, Aspers. Please bring books that have enriched you or children in your life that you would share with your friends and family (save the books you’re simply ready to get rid of for the recycling bin, please!) Thank you for your  participation in expanding this ministry. 

In November, the joint council of Bendersville Lutheran Parish voted to enter into the call process to begin looking for a new full-time pastor. This is a long process that (even in “normal times”) can take months to years from start to finish, so we are getting started now!


This diagram outlines the steps along the journey to calling (hiring) a new  leader. Right now, we are in steps 2 & 3. Contact Chris Cuttitta with input or questions.

Bendersville Lutheran Parish

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