Prayer List

Parish Members:

Chris Baugher c
Ruth Bretzman b
Tony Bretzman b
Mary Chronister b
Joe Copenhaver c
Shelvey Dugan b

Ed Fletcher b
Wahnettah Harvey c
John Heller c
Harold Hollabaugh b
James Hollabaugh b
Jim McGraw c

Paula McGraw c
Loren Mortorff b
Mary Peters b
Donna G. Taylor j
Dan Turner c

Mike Wolfe c

Friends of the Parish:

Diane Baugher
Doug Baugher
Jean Behney

Bev Bretzman
Tom Callahan
Alli Crowell

Jeanne Cuttitta
Helen Daniels
Diane Fetters
Luann Fix
Sue Garretson
Allen Gorman
Michelle Hadley


Jay Hall
Linda Heller
Tom Horner
Rosalie Johnson
Jeannette Kime
Tessa Kime
Paige Kriel
Pastor Bob McEllroy
Barb Mahoney
Emily Maiolo
Bobby Manning
Danielle Martin
Bradley Metz


Diane Myers
Sue Myers
Kelli Payne
Zach Pelc
Brian Reed
Ginny Rinehart
Jim Rodgers
Joyce Sheaffer
William Sheaffer
Robert Shoop
Sharon Simpson
Toby Wickline
Lynn Woerner

With Deepest Sympathy

We extend our sympathy and prayers to the families
of those who have died in the faith and who
are now at rest with their eternal Father:

Ivan Bretzman, William Carey, Lydia Singley,
and Louene Warrenfeltz

Prayer List Request Form
If you know of someone who should be on our list, give their name and whether they are a member or friend of the parish.

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