Prayer List:

Parish Members:

Dixie Atha c
Mike Atha c
Shawn Atha c
Ruth Bretzman b
Adam Clapsadl j
Bob Cooley c
Chris Cooley c
Chris Cuttitta b
Lee Dugan b
Shelvey Dugan b
Joice Eicholtz j
Harold Garretson b
Whanettah Harvey c
Diane Heller
Fay Heller j
John Heller c
Betty Henry c
James Hollabaugh b
Pat Junkins b
Jim McGraw c
Paula McGraw c
Bill Slaybaugh j
Donna Taylor j
Jayne Weaver j
Mike Wolfe c

Friends of the Parish:

Jean Behney
Barbara Bosak
Bev Bretzman
Ivan Bretzman
Lisa Burns Family
George Carey
Nancy Cline
Jeanne Cuttitta
Ed Fletcher

Sue Garretson

Mija Gibboney Serrano

Ryder and River Serrano

Jay Hall

Harold Heller
Linda Heller
Nick Heller & Family

Donna Kime

Jeannette Kime

Adaline Rose Lang

Clairissa Lang

Chris McBeth
Pastor Bob McEllroy
Barb Mahoney
Zach Pelc
Richard Price
Ken Slaybaugh
Jerry and Peggy Tyson

Birth Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the birth of Ryder and River Serrano, twin grandsons of Pam and James Gibboney. Please pray for their health after their premature birth and NICU stays. Please pray, too, for their mother Mija Serrano as she recovers from birthing complications.

With Deepest Sympathy

We extend our sympathy to the families

of those who have died in the faith and who

are now at rest with their eternal Father:  

Philip L. Black, Boneta Fair, Nancy Hornberger, and Annette "Nettie" Stahler 

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