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The Covid-19 task force (Bettina McBeth, Chris Cuttitta, Julie Haller, and Vicar Taylor Berdahl) have approved the following guidelines for safe worship practice. Thank you for showing love to your neighbors by following these rules.

1.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Please wear your own mask.

2.  SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED. Leave empty pews between people, and sit checkerboard fashion.  No one should sit directly behind or in front of anyone else.  There will be no greeters.

3.  NO SINGING.  Singing causes us to expel the air in our lungs with force, it raises the risk of infection, masks or not.

4.  NO PASSING OF THE PEACE.   Just pretend it is an extended flu season.

5.  NO PHYSICAL PASSING OF ANYTHING.  Collection plates and bulletins are placed at the entrances/exits so there is no physical passing from one person to another.

6.  We will have bulletins to use for the services so hymnals will not be required.  Please touch as little as possible when in your pews. 

7.  We will have communion with sealed, pre-packaged individual communion servings.  Directions for distribution will be shared at that time in the service. There will be trash receptacles at the exits for disposal.

8.    Attendance will be taken at each church each Sunday.  Should an outbreak occur, the congregation can be notified.  If  anyone receives a positive test for COVID, please report it to the task force immediately.

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