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What's the ELCA?

The Bendersville Lutheran Parish is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and
is comprised of three congregations in Upper Adams county working together toward their common calling as children of God. Together we seek to show God's love through word, deed, and worship.
People from all walks of life are welcomed. 

Check out the ELCA's website for more information:

See what's going on in our local Lower Susquehanna Synod:



In our present age, the term Evangelical carries with it a wide range of meanings. In the Lutheran context, it means that we emphasize the Good News (in Greek, the euangel, which was translated into English as Gospel)
of God’s salvation through Christ. Martin Luther never intended to start a new denomination – and certainly
not to name one after himself – but rather to re-emphasize God’s grace as Good News for the world.
Thus, he adopted the German word Evangelische to describe his reforms. As Lutheran members of Christ’s Church,
we still use this term to emphasize our belief in the Good News of God’s grace.

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